Private Maternity Care Services 

Private Maternity Care Services 

Pre-conception  Counselling 

For women and her partners, this consultation aims to optimise their general health, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions before they embark their journey on their planned pregnancy. 

Recurrent Miscarriage Counselling 

For women with previous miscarriages, Shan is happy to support them and her partners throughout the course of this consultation, during the investigatory period and their respective clinical management. Once conception occurs, they can opt to be supported at the early stages of pregnancy for reassurance and help with emotional well-being as they prepare to be expectant parents during this trying time. 

Early Pregnancy Care  Tender Loving Care (TLC)  

Women and her partners who wish to be support throughout their early stages of pregnancy, Shan provides both consultations and early pregnancy scans. TLC consultations has shown to improve outcome of early pregnancy especially for the group with recurrent miscarriages. This bespoke private package starts between 6 weeks and 14 weeks of pregnancy. 

Maternity Care 

For expecting parents, Shan is flexible in providing bespoke maternity care package or as ad-hoc maternity consultations. This ranges from early stages of pregnancy to after-delivery care. Women can opt to be seen at the Cobham Clinic or the Portland Clinic. Facilities for screening tests and baby scans can be carried out at the 
Aster Baby Scan Clinic (for women attending Cobham Clinic): 
Portland Clinic 


Women who opt to continue private delivery, Shan does both safe vaginal delivery and caesarean section at the world renowned Portland Hospital in London.  

Post Delivery Care 

Shan does immediate post-delivery care, on a daily basis, for women who have their deliveries at the Portland Hospital.  
This is followed up with post-delivery care that is individualised to the women's needs. This is important as it provides an opportunity for continuity of care and completing the birth experience - ensuring a memorable cherishable one, that women and their families will want to repeat with Shan in the future. 

Surgical Management of Miscarriage 

In the event of any women who experiences a miscarriage, Shan provides private service on surgical removal of miscarriage (evacuation of retained product of conception) at the Portland Hospital, London and The Private Cobham Clinic, Luton and Dunstable Hospital. 

Out-of-Hours Phone Consultation 

Shan offers 5 days a week out-of-hours phone consultations between 9 pm and 6 am from Thursday to Monday (NOT Tuesday nights into Wednesday mornings and Wednesday nights into Thursday mornings) from £100 . This service is only for existing patients. These privilege patients can contact me from which ever country at the time of consultation. 
Mobile : +447936 880 858. 


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